Pearly Penile Papules - Videos



In this video, a 40 year old patient is having a free consultation concerning his pearly penile papules (PPP). The patient has suffered embarrassment for years and has never had the courage to address his condition. Dr. Groff addresses his concerns and discusses the CO2 laser treatment procedure. Dr. Groff also demonstrates how the Lumenis UltraPulse CO2 laser works.



In this video, Dr. Groff appeared on the nationally televised show, The Doctors, to discuss and demonstrate a life changing treatment for pearly penile papules. Studies have shown that the most effective treatment for penile pearly papules is with the CO2 laser. The CO2 will permanently get rid of this skin condition in one simple treatment without damaging any normal skin and will not alter the penis in any way.



This video demonstrates Dr.Groff treating his actual patient with a CO2 laser to remove pearly penile papules. This patient has been dealing with pearly penile papules for 6-7 years and has no prior treatment. When this treatment is performed by a board certified dermatologist trained and experienced with the CO2 laser, it is safe, painless, and permanently removes the papules.
In this video, using the CO2 laser on his actual patient, Dr. Goff demonstrates how he vaporizes each papule without damaging healthy skin. This patient has had pearly penile papules since his teen years. The patients has tried numerous home remedies and none have worked. Home remedies do NOT work on this skin condition so the patient contacted Dr. Groff for treatment.